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MWR Racing - RC Cars, Tanks, Helicopters, Planes & Boats

We sell a number of RC products which will fill you with hours of unforgettable joy not only for you but for the whole family. We have a number of items to suit the needs of our customers. These include; 

RC Tanks

Welcome to our magnificent RC tanks section. Over here, you will find only the most well-constructed, high-performance, and popular RC tanks for extremely reasonable prices. There are tanks for beginners, hobbyists, RC sports enthusiasts, as well as model tank collectors. We have 1/16, 1/20, and 1/24 scale RC tanks which are available in a variety of body color and camouflage paint options. Each of our tanks is equipped with a realistic smoke generator and hull recoil system that pushes the hull backwards when you fire the BB gun turret. On top of that, the suspension in each of these 2.4 GHz models is designed to swing and react just like in a real life tank. Browse through our collection, there are both plastic as well as genuine metal tanks for casuals as well as hardcore RC tank fans!

RC Helicopters

RC helicopters are an extremely popular option among kids as well as adults because of the fun and the versatility that they can offer. You can fly them, race them, and even attach a camera on them. Over here, you can find RC helicopters of all shapes and blade configurations for purposes ranging from casual low altitude flying, to high speed RC aircraft racing. There are single-blade helicopters, as well as helicopters with triple and quad blade rotor configs. Each of our helicopters is equipped with a top-class and highly advanced gyro to keep it steady mid-air, and we offer carbon fiber body panels to keep the weight low and increase maneuverability.

RC Electric Cars

Our site contains an extremely diverse and high quality collection of the best RC electric cars on the market. Here you'll find trucks, buggies, monster trucks, touring cars, drift cars, racing cars, and much more. We have a ton of options in terms of color, suspension, lighting, and body kits for you to choose from. There are affordable Ready-To-Run buggies for your kids, and if you happen to be a hardcore RC drifter or racer, well we have just the right deals for you in the form of our 4 wheel drive rally cars and drift cars. Every single one of our cars is equipped with sturdy suspension that can withstand the rigors of urban as well as dirt driving, and our drift cars are fitted with extra hard slick, low-friction tires to give you a truly engaging drift experience.

RC Nitro Cars

If you are a serious RC racing enthusiast, then you know very well the kind of advantages that a nitro powered RC car has over an electric model. Our nitro powered buggies, trucks, and rally cars can hit speeds in excess of 80 km/h, and are built on extremely durable and lightweight aluminium chassis for maximum performance. Every single one of our nitro cars packs features such as slipper clutch transmission, waterproof sealed radio box, high strength alloy rims, and large capacity fuel tanks to increase your fun time by as long as possible. Powerful steering and throttle servo motors, coupled with long lasting tires and durable suspension, ensure that you can push our RC nitro cars to their limits without risking any component failure or loss of control.

Large RC Cars

Our large RC cars pack some of the most aggressive looking, rugged, and heavy duty 2.4 GHz vehicles on the RC market. We have monster trucks, trucks, pick-ups, and SUV’s for you, all available in a variety of color, body, suspension, and lighting options to suite your individual style and requirements. There are both electric, and nitro RC large cars for you, and we make sure that every single one of these beasts is tested and driven on the harshest terrains before we deem them worthy of offering to our customers. Contrary to our smaller buggies and RC drift cars, these large vehicles are designed on a heavier aluminium chassis, and contain extra powerful motors to provide them with that power they need in order to hit speeds of 80 km/h. That’s right, they may be large and heavy, but they are no slouches either and can easily chase down their smaller and lighter RC counterparts. Large, grooved tires help them perform on dirt, soil, and rock with equal ease, while high performance exhausts and steering servo motors keep these beasts under your command at all times.

Brushless RC Cars

Brushless RC cars are basically electric with a brushless electric motor inside them. Brushless motors are more powerful as they can reach higher rpm rates than standard brush motors, and also stay cooler due to reduced internal friction. We have a pack of brushless RC cars, trucks, pick-ups, and SUV’s for you with nearly limitless color and design options. Even if you are a beginner or are buying this for your young kid, you should know that our brushless models are equipped with superior suspension and drivetrains to deliver a very smooth and controlled ride experience for even the most inexperienced RC drivers. Our brushless RC cars are available in scales ranging from 1:18 to 1:8, and we have both kits as well as ready to run models for you. There are cars with/ without LED lighting, and our extremely flexible pricing lets you get the perfect car for yourself at unbelievable prices. Choose between plastic, carbon fiber, aluminum, and fiber glass body kits to get a car that looks and performs according to your needs.

RC Planes

Raptors, F-16’s, Cessna’s, F-14’s, F-anything- you name your aircraft, we have it. There are both brushed as well as brushless motor options to make our pricing as flexible as possible, and along with every single RC aircraft, you get our guarantee of trust and high performance that we have been consistently been delivering upon since so many years. There are jet fighters, propeller planes, single and twin-seat aircraft, biplanes, and much more for you to choose from. We offer casual, as well as enthusiast and racing grade aircraft for all kinds of customers. Powerful, brushless motors drive the ducted fans in our F-18’s and F-22 raptors, enabling them to achieve crazy air speeds that will leave your competitors reeling in surprise during races. Higher end models come with retractable flaps and automatic landing gear, as well as advanced lighting options for low light flying.

RC Boats

We offer power boats, navy destroyer ships, racing boats, inflatable boats, and model aircraft carriers. Every single one of our RC destroyer ships and carriers is designed with impeccable attention to detail, and is powered by reliable heavy duty motors that can propel these giant 30-40" long machines at incredible speeds in the water. Then, you have our high performance racing boats that literally fly "over" the water, thanks to their aerodynamic design and extra powerful servo motors that power twin metal propeller blades. Each of our RC boats is coupled with a long range radio transmitter that lets you control your boat from distances as far as 75 feet, or even 100 feet for some of our high end boats. Colorful and aggressive graphics on the fiber glass bodies makes them extremely attractive and fun to race.

    Our stock list is varied, comes with spare parts and different model types. From tanks and helicopters to planes and nitro cars, we have something for everyone.

    The prices are very competitive in comparison to our competitors (a steal actually!) so please be aware our stock won’t last forever.

    We felt that there hasn’t been a place to showcase the world of RC and here we are now! Our passion is your passion so let us be your one stop shop for everything RC.

    Our products are suited to everyone, of all ages young and old. We believe our products bring people together and our experience in the past has taught us that our MRW Racing products brings lasting memories to customers.

    In fact! RC Racing is competitive, fun and a favorite past time for a lot of people. At MRW Racing we invite you to enjoy the passing hours constructing, modifying and seeing your RC products hit the track. So much so if you happen to have pictures, videos or stories you would like to share please send them on and we will happily share via our RC blog.

    We hope you have a great experience with us and our products.

    The MRW team.

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